Ipek Kotan

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Ipek Kotan

My work stems from a visceral need to create with my hands using natural materials and a love of the sculptural vessel form.

The vessel being one of the oldest objects ever made and one of the most commonly found in archeological sites the world over, to me it’s an embodiment of the timelessness, endurance and the universality of the human experience.

I’m interested in what this form represents metaphysically and use it as a canvas and a frame in which I explore modern and minimalist expressions.  I keep the exteriors of my forms simple like a frame in which I bring out complex textures and colors so that together with the form they can radiate a calm and soothing energy.

I was born and raised in Istanbul, though I’ve been living abroad in a number of places far and away from my hometown since a long time. Currently I’m based in Amsterdam.

My work is represented in over 250 private art collections from internationally and in public collections in Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey.

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